Sunday, September 7, 2014

Zazzle Rickshaw Messenger Bag from DanceManiac: Degas Painting 'Repeti...

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Degas Painting 'Repetition of the Dance' (detail) Artistic Dance Bag for all your busy days, and to make your friends jealous because you have the most awesome bag LOL! The painting is set on a rich chocolatey-brown background which brings out the rustic earthy tones in the artwork. A vibrant amethyst purple color was chosen as the perfect complementary hue, with matching binding color to finish off the look. All of these colors are customizable if the buyer wishes to change them. Be sure to look for the "Bottom Text ..." and customize it with your own name & contact info. Enjoy your beautiful bag! :)

Degas Painting 'Repetition of the Dance' Artistic

Degas Painting 'Repetition of the Dance' Artistic

by DanceManiac
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