Monday, September 1, 2014

Zazzle iPhone 6 Case from SandyLongPhotography: Vibrant Blue Penstemon...

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Save $6 pre-order a new iPhone 6 case! Use code: FUNNEWDEVICE by September 14, 2014. A virtual field of Blue Penstemon dot a pretty iPhone 6 case. From the photo Wasatch Penstemon from Above, © Sandy Long. The brillant color hues of the Wasatch Penstemon are just stunning. As you can see from this photo taken looking down upon a spring, it gradually flows from a violet purple interior, to a rich deep royal blue, into a softer periwinkle or cornflower blue. This nature photo is on many other fun items in my SandyLongPhotography shop.

Vibrant Blue Penstemon Pattern

Vibrant Blue Penstemon Pattern

by SandyLongPhotography
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