Saturday, April 23, 2016

Zazzle Otterbox Case from Dave: Black Vinyl Record Effect

Days of Vinyl

This Otterbox iPhone case will jog a memory of the days of vinyl. The case gives the impression of a vinyl record from the era of the record player wrapped around its surface. The disk's surface is black with light reflected off the spiral groove and a center label in yellow and red surrounding the hole about which the record rotates. The design is an image printed on the case - no vinyl is used.

Easy to customize. The text in the top yellow part of the label reads "The Days Of Vinyl", the text below it in the red part of the label reads "Your Name". Replace the text with your custom text. Use the Customize It button to fully personalize the design and change the font style, size, color and position as required.
Black Vinyl Record Effect

Black Vinyl Record Effect

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