Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Zazzle iPhone Case from BotanicalArt: Carnivorous Cobra Plant Monogram...

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Botanical illustration of the California Pitcher Plant on an eye catching iPhone 6 plus case. Personalize the initial in our easy to use text template. The scientific illustration is of Darlingtonia californica, a wildflower native to southern Oregon and northern California, and grows is in fens, which are spring fed wetlands. Its common names include California Pitcher Plant, Cobra Plant, Cobra Lily, and even Serpent of the Siskiyous. The inflated pitchers with pendant leaves are said to resemble a cobra rearing to strike complete with forked tongue. This phone case is ideal for a biology teacher, naturalist, botanist, fans of carnivorous plants, or any nature lover. This floral design is on many other attractive items in my BotanicalArt shop.

Carnivorous Cobra Plant Monogrammed

Carnivorous Cobra Plant Monogrammed

by BotanicalArt
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