Saturday, October 4, 2014

Zazzle Case from BotanicalArt: Black and White Fern Pattern Monogram

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Two fern frond silhouettes on a classy monogrammed iPhone case. Personalize it with your initial in our easy to use template. The artwork features a botanical print of a handsome fern in black and white. You can change the background color if you like to better match your fashion. The fern is Davallia fejeensis, with the common names Rabbits Foot Fern, Lacy Paw, Lacy Hare's Foot, and Fijian Hares' Foot Fern. This nature design is on many other attractive items in my BotanicalArt shop.

Black and White Fern Pattern Monogram

Black and White Fern Pattern Monogram

by BotanicalArt
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