Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Zazzle iPhone 6 Case from BotanicalArt: Pretty Purple Damask Pattern

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Save $6 pre-order a new iPhone 6 case! Use code: FUNNEWDEVICE by September 14, 2014. Fresh white floral damask on a bright and pretty purple iPhone 6 case. We took a vintage style botanical drawing of tropical flowers and wove them into our one of a kind design. The purple background is hex color 663399, and is also known as royal purple or becca purple. The white blossoms make it easy to change the background color to match your fashion sense. Be sure to check out my BotanicalArt shop for this exclusive design in other colors and on many other attractive items.

Pretty Purple Damask Pattern

Pretty Purple Damask Pattern

by BotanicalArt
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