Monday, October 29, 2012

Medieval Music Manuscript Messenger Bag

Medieval Church Music Manuscript Medium Messenger Bag

Celebrate the festive season with a new Rickshaw Messenger bag from Zazzle. This Medium Zero Messenger Bag features faded green sheet music, with medieval music notation and words of praise in latin printed on the flap, back and interior of the bag. The music notation used is characteristic of the period. An ideal companion for day and night, and on the road.

Use the Choose your style and colors to personalize, changing the mint green interior color and exterior fabric color under the front flap and back, and the silver binding color. Use the Customize It button to personalize the design further. There's also the budget priced Mini Messenger version and the Large Messenger bag available.

Add the optional pockets and sleeve accessories when you order so your messenger bag is fully equipped and ready to use when you receive it.