Sunday, June 29, 2014

Zazzle Smartphone Pouch from BotanicalArt: Custom Black and White Fern...

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Delicate fern silhouettes on a monogrammed pouch for the iPhone 5s, or Samsung Galazy S4 or S5. Personalize it with your initial in our easy to use template. The botanical drawing is Rabbits' Foot Fern, also known as Lacy Paw Fern, scientific name Davallia fejeensis. The fragile, finely divided fronds make it popular in floral arrangements. A perfect gift for gardeners, florists, naturalists, or anyone who loves plants and nature. This nature pattern is on many other attractive items in my BotanicalArt shop.

Custom Black and White Fern Monogram

Custom Black and White Fern Monogram

by BotanicalArt
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