Monday, November 25, 2013

Zazzle Rickshaw Sleeve from Bluestar48: Vintage Caribou (Reindeer) and...

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The front side of a chromo (chromolithograph), a printed card, included with Chocolaterie d'Aiguebelle chocolate featuring a caribou, aka reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), and an arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus). The French text reads "Le Monde Des Mammiferes" (The World Of Mammals), "Ordre Des: Ruminants 1. renne, Carnassiers 2. lstris (Order of Ruminants 1, reindeer, Carnivores 2. arctic fox), and ""Edition de la CHOCOLATERIE d'AIGUEBELLE (Drôme)" (Issued by the d'Aiguebelle Chocolatier (Drôme)) The chromos included with d'Aiguebelle chocolate covered a wide range of topics and were some of highest quality to be found anywhere .Chocolaterie d'Aiguebelle was established in 1869 by the the monks of the Trappist Notre-dame d'Aiguebelle monastery to augment their income as their land was rocky and rather infertile. Chocolat d'Aiguebelle became one of the bigger chocolate brands in France during the early 1900s. D'Aiguebelle chocolate is still sold today.

Vintage Caribou (Reindeer) and Arctic Fox

Vintage Caribou (Reindeer) and Arctic Fox

by Bluestar48
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