Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Santa's Christmas Rickshaw Messenger Bag

Santa's Messenger Bag - The New Christmas Fashion

This Rickshaw Medium Messenger Bag is decked with Christmas spirit. You too can be Santa this Christmas with a bright red 'bearded' Messenger bag to carry your gifts in. The front has Santa's beard as a frill around the lower end of the flap and his initials appear above it. You can replace his initials with yours and be Santa anytime you like. An ideal asset if you are an entrepreneurial Santa Claus bearing gifts when visiting homes.

Easy to customize. Use the Color and Size options on the product page to change the color of the bag and its lining, or use the Customize It button to fully personalize the design. You can change the color under the white beard this way. The white beard can be removed too, so you can customize it any way you like.

Available in three sizes at the store - large, medium and the budget priced mini messenger bag for younger Santa helpers.